BOTOX™ Cosmetic Injections

What are the possible side effects of BOTOX Cosmetic?

Many patients experience no side effects from BOTOX™ Cosmetic. Bruising at the injection site occasionally occurs and can usually be covered by make-up. Temporary alteration of the position of the eye-brows or temporary drooping of the eyelids can occur with some treatments. Very rarely reported associations have included headache, respiratory infection, flu syndrome, nausea, pain in the face, redness at an injection site, and muscle weakness.

How long do the effects of BOTOX™ last?

The effects of BOTOX™ usually last about three to four months, but can sometimes last longer. Once patients receive BOTOX™ injections regularly, there is often a longer lasting effect.

Will I still be able to make facial expressions after receiving BOTOX™ Cosmetic injections?

Through BOTOX ® Cosmetic will improve the appearance of facial creases, it should not dramatically alter your appearance. After receiving the treatment, you should still be able to frown or look surprised - only without the wrinkles between your brows.


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