Financial Help

Mr Bailey is recognised both nationally and internationally by health insurance companies.

Mr Bailey is listed by health insurance companies in his full name, Christopher Steven Bailey.

Health insurance companies will give an authorisation number for a consultation with Mr Bailey and then Jennie, the Practice Manager, will call the insurance company for authorisation for any treatment that may be needed.

Our fees are kept within the health-care providers' guidelines.

Health insurance companies often work from what they call health Provider numbers. Mr Bailey's Provider Numbers are, for example:

  • BUPA International: Provider No. 47823 
  • AXA PPP Healthcare: Provider No. CB 00910 
  • PruHealth: Provider No. PRU 632428 
  • Cigna: Provider No. 111610
  • Aviva Healthcare: Provider No. 100003056

Other health insurance companies like SimplyHealth often just use the consultant's full name, Christopher Steven Bailey. New insurance companies are starting up all the time and the surest way is to give the full name.

If you have health insurance and you are experiencing difficulties in getting an authorisation, Jennie, the Practice manager, will be happy to make the call on your behalf.

C S Bailey BSc FRCS DO CertLRS, 99 Harley Street  London W1G 6AQ. Tel: +44 (0)207 935 1010  Fax: +44 (0)20 7084 7729